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Po Box 193216
San Francisco, CA

A close-knit group of hand bookbinders, with shared interests in creating and collecting fine bindings, joined together to promote hand bookbinding and related book arts and to exchange information and ideas. 

Bookish Events

Information about bookish events happening in the Bay Area and beyond. If you would like to add events to this calendar, please use the contact page and include the event title, date, time, cost and location. 

to Oct 29

Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence, Tacoma, WA

Tacoma, Washington - October 25-28, 2017

The Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding is the annual Guild of Book Workers conference. Held annually at a different location around the country, participants attend presentations by leading experts in the fields related to the book and paper arts. Tours of binderies, conservation facilities, rare book libraries and papermaking establishments are regularly arranged in conjunction with the event. A list of past presentations is available on the History of Standards page. Additionally, many Seminar presentations are videotaped and made available to members and for purchase

Presentations and Presenters
Make and Use Hanji: Applications for Korean Paper [Friday Morning]
SUZANNE MOORE: Much Ado about Nothing: Concept, Design & Techniques in Editioning “Zero: Cypher of Infinity” [Friday Afternoon]
GABRIELLE FOX: Covered and Visible: Protected Multi-section Pamphlet Stitch Structure [Saturday Morning]
DON GLAISTER: Gold Tooling in the 21st Century [Saturday Afternoon]

For more information go to:

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to Dec 30

ASHEVILLE BOOK WORKS: Fall Workshops for questions and other information.
Or by phone: 828-255-8444  

Asheville BookWorks, located in West Asheville, NC,  offers a regular selection of classes in artist books, printmaking, bindings and letterpress printing. 

September 8 - 10, 2017
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 10 – 5 pm
Cost: $390 (price includes a $56 materials fee)
Instructor: Perry Obee

This 3-day introductory workshop will introduce you to the chemical processes of traditional lithography with the ease of printing on an etching press. Printing on the etching press provides a familiar setting for those experienced with monotype, woodcut, or etching to begin working with lithographic techniques. Working with aluminum plates, participants will learn how to process the plate with the same basic techniques used for traditional stone lithography and will leave with the foundation to pursue more advanced lithographic methods. Participants will have the option to add additional plates for multi-color prints and will have the option to produce a small edition of prints in this workshop. All materials are non-toxic except the low-toxic odorless mineral spirits used for clean up. All levels are welcome.

September 16 - 17, 2017
Saturday & Sunday, 10 – 5 pm
Cost: $234 (price includes a $10 materials fee)
Instructor: Jon Buller

Leather case bindings can be elegant. They are an economical alternative to traditional laced-on bindings and, if properly executed, can be nearly indistinguishable from the more time-consuming method. They are indispensable in edition binding. The case technique provides an opportunity to build a stronger hinge, historically the weak point in binding technique.
Students will bring a sewn text block (see below), trim as necessary, round and back, line up the text block; pare leather for the cases and construct the cases with the raised bands and head caps; case in the text blocks. Decorating the spines will be discussed.

Figures of Power, connecting with the creative unconscious
 September 22, 2017
(runs six consecutive weeks on Friday mornings)
10am - 12:30pm  

Cost: $250
Gwen Diehn and Mary Lounsbury
For artist and non-artist alike, opening awareness to creative imaginal dialogue is nourishing, potentially infusing our lives with a sense of connection and unfolding meaning. Artists will find that this practice enriches their body of work, deepening the relationship with an ever-present source of personally meaningful content.
Over the course of 6 weeks the group will work with a variety of materials and forms, with the option to develop two or three works in greater depth.Classes will be held at various outside locations in the Asheville area and at BookWorks studio. Each session will open with a gathering circle and close with a grounding ritual. For the first session, we will gather at Gwen’s house in east Asheville and proceed as a group to a nearby trail at Warren Wilson College. Beginning in conversation with the landscape and the unknown, we will create primitive* forms out of found materials. A process of meditative awareness and imaginal dialogue will lead into creative exercises and art-making, with time for sharing and discussion. Locations for subsequent meetings will be given at the initial meeting.

SEPTEMBER 23-24, 2017
Saturday & Sunday, 10 – 5 pm
Cost: $250 (price includes a $25 materials fee)
Instructor: Laurie Corral

Learn to print Letterpress! BookWorks has a considerable collection of lead and wood type to choose from.  Especially good as an Introduction to Letterpress and if you have some experience but haven’t been on the press for a while, this class will review the basics of Letterpress printing. For students wishing to gain more experience, this class will address students at their own level. Beginners will learn the basics of hand-setting type for a greeting card or short poem. Advanced students will plan and print more complex projects such as a small chapbook , broadside or poster. Advanced projects might include multiple color registration or simple image making on the letterpress. Instructor will demonstrate two image making techniques, the Sandragraph and pressure printing.

September 29 - October 1, 2017
Saturday & Sunday, 10 – 5 pm
Cost: $330 (price includes a $60 materials fee)
Instructor: Clay Harmon

This class is an introduction to the polymer photogravure process, the modern successor to the difficult Talbot-Klic copperplate process that was in common use in the late 1800s and early 1900s. We will use a modern polymer-coated plate to create an intaglio-etched surface that will be inked with an oily printer’s ink and then wiped, leaving ink in the varying depths of the recesses of the plate which will then produce the photographic gradation of tones that makes the photogravure one of the most beautiful and permanent of the continuous tone photographic printing processes.
 The beauty of the polymer method is that the etching of the plate is done with tap water instead of the more chemically dangerous mordant used in the traditional copperplate photogravure process. The use of a digitally printed positive on clear film also allows the student to concentrate more on the technique of inking and wiping plates rather than spending time making a perfect positive in the darkroom. With a two day workshop, we will have enough time for each student to make at least four plates and several prints from each plate.

October 14, 2017
Saturday, 10 – 5 pm
Cost: $130 (price includes a $15 materials fee)
Instructor: Jon Buller

The class will create small gift boxes as containers for small items such as jewelry, little books or other miniature presents. The boxes themselves may be gifts. Construction for 3” – 6” rectangular and round shapes will be taught though sizes and shapes can be modified. A variety of materials can be used to cover the boxes making this is a great project for your decorative papers and bookcloth.

October 21-22, 2017  
Saturday & Sunday, 9 – 5 pm  
Cost: $300(price includes a $35 materials fee)  

Instructor: Hollis Fouts
Learn essential stitching patterns and skills in this multi structure class. We’ll make 2 books, including a 2 color Coptic and decorative Long Stitch on leather, as well as 2 samplers – an ornamental border stitch from the Coptic period which may be used for headbands and, if there is time we will introduce the Caterpillar stitch. Something for everyone as you expand your stitch and structure library.

OCTOBER 26, 2017
Wednesday evening, 6 - 8:30pm  
Cost: $68 (price includes a $20 materials fee) 

Instructor: Sara Brooks
Learn how to create your own book cloth using two different methods of application. Students bring their own fabrics and learn how to make book cloth and which methods work best for various types of fabrics. Bring new fabrics or repurpose from linen napkins, old t-shirts, tablecloths, pajamas, bed sheets for a unique look. (Pair this class with the Daily Planner on November 14 to use your book cloth on a handbound planner for 2018!)

October 28 - 29, 2017  
Saturday & Sunday, 10 – 5 pm  
Cost: $239 (price includes a $15 materials fee)  
Instructor: Delaney Smith

This courses focuses on two simple processes: natural dye on paper and simple book making techniques. We will achieve a range of color on cotton paper, using every day dye sources like avocado, onion skins, hibiscus, and rosemary. The pages will then be gathered and transformed into books using pamphlet and stab binding. These handmade books can be starting points for drawing or creative writing, but can also stand on their own as a work of art.

We are continually adding classes. Please check our website regularly for additions.

November 11-12 Pocket Link + Pochoir Binding - instructor: Karen Hardy
November 14 - Handbound 2018 Daily Planner - instructor: Sara Brooks
December 9 - Collapseable Cradle and Slipcase - instructor: Karen Hardy
December 10 - Blizzard Books and Boxes - instructor: Karen Hardy

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Art of the Book 2018 Exhibition Call for Entry
to May 1

Art of the Book 2018 Exhibition Call for Entry

Art of the Book 2018 is an international juried exhibition of members’ work, opening in British Columbia in fall 2018 and travelling for two years across Canada.

The Call for Entry is now available in PDF in both English and French

We hope you will consider entering your work in this exhibition. Jurors, venues, and additional information will be available in October 2017. In the meantime, the Organizing Committee at looks forward to your questions or comments,
Jose Villa-Arce, Art of the Book 2018 Organizing Committee Chair

For questions or more information visit

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Los Angeles Printers Fair

Los Angeles Printers Fair  
The 9th Annual Los Angeles Printers Fair

October 14, 2017 10 am to 5 pm
The International Printing Museum
315 W Torrance Blvd, Carson, CA 90745
Cost: $10

Billed as a Celebration of Letterpress, Book Arts & Paper, The Los Angeles Printers Fair at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA is by far the largest letterpress event in the west! With more than 80 vendors and nearly 1,500 in attendance, The Printers Fair brings together the creative worlds of letterpress printing, book arts, printmaking, and paper. The LA Printers Fair also includes a very large swap meet with hard-to-find Vandercooks, Windmill Presses, rare fonts of Wood Type, supplies, decorative papers, and so much more!

Special Exhibits this year includes a retrospective of Silkscreened Earl Newman, including many of his Monterey Jazz Festival Posters he has been making for 50 years! There will also be a special exhibit titled “PRINTING ON THE SILVER SCREEN” featuring presses from TV like John Boy’s printing press from “The Waltons” and “Twilight Zone’s: The Printer’s Devil” or westerns such as “The Man who Shot Liberty Valance” and “Have Gun Will Travel” along with newer productions like “Newsies”, “Gilmore Girls”, “Seven Pounds” and “Inception" among others...

For additional information contact  Sara Halpert

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The BARN on Bainbridge Island in WA 8890 Three Tree Lane NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110  

The BARN on Bainbridge Island in WA
8890 Three Tree Lane NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110  Phone: 206-842-4475

We at the Book Arts/Letterpress studio at the BARN (Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network), are excited to offer new workshops this September.  

We have four visiting artists coming, Shawn Sheehy doing popup books, Alicia Bailey making innovative paper books, and Carl Youngmann and Ellie Mathews from The North Press offering our Letterpress classes..  Make sure you sign up early for these classes, as spaces are going fast!

Bookmaking: Innovative Folded Forms I
with Alicia Bailey  
Sunday, September 10, 9:30 am 4:00 pm
Members $125   non-members   $150

In this workshop, students will be introduced to creative and innovative book structures using that most wondrous of humble materials, paper, and basic tools. Inspired by innovators in the book arts field such as Claire van Vliet and Hedi Kyle, the focus will be on form and structure rather than content. Each student will produce a collection of sample books that can be used as reference and inspiration for further projects.This is a great opportunity to meet and get to know Alicia Bailey.  Alicia is well known for her gallery "Abecedarian", where she features artists’ books exclusively.  Alicia is now traveling around the states with a trunk show full of her artists’ creative work.

Book Arts Boot Camp
Saturday and Sunday, September 16-17,   10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Members $117   non-members $140

In this introductory class, we will explore the essential materials and equipment that help you make books that are attractive and well crafted. Paper grain, glue choices, papers and boards, and equipment will be investigated, and various techniques, including scoring, folding, and cutting. Students will learn craftsmanship techniques, tricks and habits which will set them on the road to becoming skilled bookbinders. We’ll cover book binding terms and resources as well as book arts communities and events. You will walk away with a basic skills toolkit for successful book making, and the opportunity for FOB access.

Pop-up Primer
with Shawn Sheehy
Friday - Sunday, September 22-24, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Members $220   non-members $265

We have the great fortune to offer a workshop with Shawn Sheehy, an internationally known popup book artist.Nearly all pop-ups are built from just two simple, fundamental structures. Learning how and when to use those two structures—and to see the broad range of what they can do—can open the door to a lifetime of exploration. In this three-day workshop, you will explore the fundamentals of paper engineering, learn about the tools and materials of the craft, and finally execute a binding specially designed for pop-ups. Beginners are welcome; participants with previous experience in fiber arts and/or paper craft will have a leg-up.This is a rare and fabulous opportunity to learn paper engineering from a master. Shawn's teaching style accommodates beginners and advanced alike, and you will leave the class with a completed popup book and a good understanding of the basics of popup engineering.

Letterpress Boot Camp
with The North Press Session
Saturday, September 7, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Thursday, September 28, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Members: $75   non-members $98

Learn the language, tools, and materials of letterpress. Learn the rhythm; learn the type. This is a method of printing that predates our grandparents’ time. The results can be stunning. The kiss of antique type onto fine paper makes a lasting impression. This class introduces you to the basics of letterpress printing, setting type and printing a monogrammed note card. The meditative process of constructing words out of pieces of lead is very satisfying, and the resulting product is beautiful.Carl Youngmann began setting type, letter by letter, in 1960; Ellie Mathews combines her experience as a designer with her willingness to explore the techniques of relief printing. Together, they will guide you through the basics and share with you their passion for the craft.This basic class is the first step in gaining fob access to the letterpress and type cases.  
If you are experienced in letterpress, you still should take this class to learn our equipment, type and studio.

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How Gold Leaf is Made

How Gold Leaf is Made | An Illustrated Talk by John Hastings

TIME: 5-7:00 PM
DATE: March 14, 2016
LOCATION: The Book Club of California in San Francisco, 312 Sutter St, Suite 500, San Francisco


In 1820, John Hastings’ great grandfather founded Hastings and Company, a gold leaf manufacturing company in Philadelphia. It went on to become the largest gold leaf manufacturing company in America, lasting nearly 150 years. In this illustrated talk, Hastings will describe the age-old craft and all the traditions, methods, and surprising facts surrounding it–for example, it takes one ounce of gold to make 175 square feet of gold leaf. Hastings will also discuss gold beating in Japan and Burma, various uses of gold leaf, and why the market for gold leaf collapsed, and he will show an 80-year-old film about gold beating.

John Hastings was the fourth generation to run his family’s business, Hastings & Co., which manufactured gold leaf in Philadelphia for 148 years. After the business closed in 1968, he spent twenty years at the archeological museum of the University of Pennsylvania, developing computer databases for archaeology, and also working on digs in France, India an Tunisia. He moved to the Bay Area in 2001 and lives in Orinda. In recent years he has written several books about gold leaf and his family’s genealogy.

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