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Po Box 193216
San Francisco, CA

A close-knit group of hand bookbinders, with shared interests in creating and collecting fine bindings, joined together to promote hand bookbinding and related book arts and to exchange information and ideas. 

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Meet your Fellow Members: Klaus-Ullrich Rötzscher

Hand Bookbinders of California

Ulli remains a prominent member of the Bay Area book arts community. He served as president of Hand Bookbinders of California from 2008-2010 and presently serves as an officer of The Colophon Club. He continues to run a thriving bindery, and finds more and more pleasure in creating his own work. Perhaps that early dislike of repetitive work has finely caught up with him.

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Meet your Fellow Members: Claire Siepser

Nina Eve Zeininger

A book is the creation of a small enclosed world over a short period of time. The limits of this world are the covers and the time passing is the turning of pages. Installation is just an expansion of that world and performance is expansion and a shift in the control of time.
I like to use books as parts of my interactive work because you get to take a little piece of that world away with you and visit it in your own home and in your mind. Books have always held magic for me in that way.

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